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Idea Capture: Some Ideas for Implementation

This post was written in April, 2017. I update my thoughts about idea capture on a google doc. If it's much past 2017, you might prefer to read the google doc here:
One of the most important parts of any creative endeavour, including all of the arts and sciences, is not letting the good ideas you have get forgotten. And believe me, no matter how good your ideas are, and how much they captivate you when you think of them, only a small portion of them will come back to you when you can use them. I know this because when I look over the ideas I’ve written down over the years, I often don’t even recognize them. They are completely unfamiliar, and I know they’re mine because they’re on my files or written in my handwriting.
To keep this forgetting from happening, you need to have a system that captures these ideas so that you can exploit them later. In this essay I’m going to talk about the ma…

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