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Why Canadian Thanksgiving is Better than American Thanksgiving

I'm an American who has lived in Canada since 2004. I'm now proud to be a Canadian (as well as an American) citizen. As many Canadians (but not a lot of Americans) know, Canada has its Thanksgiving on a different day.

It's today.

I love Thanksgiving and I celebrate both. So I get two Thanksgivings every year (sometimes more; see below). I'm going to talk about the big differences and their significance.

1. Canadian Thanksgiving is at a more reasonable date.
Today is October 9, 2017, and it's Thanksgiving day in Canada. In America, Thanksgiving is in late November. The problem with the American date is that it's just too close to Christmas. The two days when it's most important to travel to be with family in the whole year (in much of American culture) are Thanksgiving and Christmas, which are only a month apart. Lots of college students, who might only be able to afford go to home twice a year, do it on these two dates. Too close! Mid-October gives you a li…

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